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filledejoie's Journal

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8 January
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i live alone with two stupid four legged furry things that i am sure are the devil's minnions. i see no reason why you cant sleep with someone on the first date. possibly this could make me a slut...but i dont think so. i think im just another average horny person. i broke up with my boyfriend this past weekend and that was difficult and now im smoking again? what is up with that? oh hell i want sex.
aeon flux, agnosticism, angel sanctuary, ani difranco, animal, anime, anne sexton, architecture, art films, ayashi no ceres, batman, batman beyond, beading, beauty, bette davis, bi-curious, big cities, black, blu cantrell, brad pitt, bridget jones, casual sex, cats, catwoman, cherry blossoms, cindy sherman, classic rock, cooking, crosses, crucifixes, curls, d12, dangerous liasons, debates, dirty dancing, dorothy allison, drama, earrings, ecstacy, edith wharton, enya, eric clapton, erotica, feminism, fight club, fleetwood mac, fur, fushigi yugi, gone with the wind, gregory corso, harlot, heathers, high fidelity, honesty, iconography, innocence, jane austen, jane magazine, jewelry, joan crawford, joan of arc, joan osbourne, john cusack, john malcovich, julia stiles, kate spade, kermit, layla, liberalism, light bondage, lilith, linkin park, long hair, los angeles, lotus blossoms, magnolia, magnolias, manga, mary timony, memoirs of a geisha, men, mike's hard lemonade, miss piggy, modern art, muppet babies, muppets, my little ponies, neopets, nudity, oral sex, parasite eve, paula cole, perfect blue, photography, pin-up girls, pink, poetry, porn, presentation, privacy, prostitution, purple, quill pens, rainbow brite, reading, realism, redheads, religious icons, rogue, romance, romeo + juliet, roses, sailor moon, sarah brightman, satin, scarlet letters, sex, shawn mullins, she-ra, sheila nicholls, short stories, sigur ros, silk, silver, splashdown, stephen frears, stereolab, sushi, the avalanches, the beta band, the doors, the last unicorn, the sims, the swedish chef, the vagina monologues, tokion magazine, ursula hegi, v-day, varga girls, violet, warmth, werewolves, what lies beneath, white, wolves, writing, x-men, yelling, young frankenstein

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